Online therapy is a relatively new phenomenon, but is growing in popularity both with therapists and their clients. For those new to the subject, it is essentially professional therapy carried out over the internet, using tools such as video conferencing, email or real-time messaging. Some practitioners combine it with traditional therapy, but a growing number are using it as a complete replacement to face-to-face visits.

Online therapy is perhaps a contentious issue with some of our readers, while others will have fully embraced it. Currently there is very little advice on the Private Practice Hub about this topic, but that’s something we’re hoping to change with the help of our new online therapy expert Philippa Weitz.

Philippa is a qualified teacher and psychological counsellor with twenty five years of private and primary care experience. She is Managing Director of PW Training Ltd, which provides training and mentoring for therapists in private practice. She is also co-founder of the London Online Therapy Centre, Commissioning Editor for the UKCP Book Series, and the author of publications such as Psychotherapy 2.0: where Psychotherapy and Technology Meet.

Philippa will provide a number of articles over the next few weeks, and will also help answer questions about delivering therapy online, how to ensure security, and which technologies to use.

Do you have any questions or comments about online therapy? Let us know below.