Online therapy is one of the latest developments for practitioners to consider. Maybe you’ve even had clients requesting online support from you. Understandably, you may not be quite sure about the right way to go about it yet.


With the added pressures about privacy and confidentiality online, it is more important than ever to think carefully and do your research before you begin to practice online. While this may seem like a daunting task, there are companies emerging who are truly focused on providing solutions to fit the needs of therapy practitioners when they move online.
One such company is Sylo. Sylo is a technology company who has developed a purpose-built solution ideal for practitioners who recognise that client privacy is as important online as it is offline.
Sylo’s business is based around providing true online confidentiality to its users, which means you can rely on them to protect your clients and your business. They achieve this by doing two key things. The first, is guaranteeing that all communications are end to end encrypted, meaning complete protection of your communications while they are being passed back and forth. The second, unlike many other services, they do not store a record of your communications on their servers. This means that the concern over who has access to your communications is removed when using their service. To learn more on this, please visit their website.
Sylo researched the market and attended association conferences where they found many practitioners using generic video conferencing services for therapy and supervision. However, most of these practitioners were not aware that these solutions aren’t entirely compliant or confidential in many cases. Only a few practitioners had recognised the need to seek out confidential online solutions.
Dorian Johannink, Business Director at Sylo, commented: “It was really surprising to us as technologists to find out how many practitioners weren’t aware of the risks associated with using free and generic video conferencing services for health care”
As a result of this research, Sylo has embarked on a mission to generate awareness around the need for practitioners to carefully consider the tools they use when providing online therapy, and they see their relationship with Private Practice Hub as an important part of that strategy.
Ben Jordan, Head of Operations at Sylo, made the following comment: “Our ethos is to provide a solution that really does give professionals what they need to do their job. It’s also really good to see that we are not the only ones starting to think this way, as there are now other companies who are genuinely building solutions to help practitioners to work confidently online”.
It is inevitable that as the world is becoming more digitally focused, the ability to have a confidential conversation online will become more and more essential. For industries such as Mental health it is positive to see technology services shifting their focus to compliance and confidentiality in a way that makes it easy for practitioners to safely and successfully begin practising online.