Running a therapy practice, particularly when you’re just starting out, can be overwhelming. You have to manage the accounting, marketing, admin, CPD, and of course, treating your clients. The right software can make your business run more smoothly, and be much more profitable, than using pen and paper alone.

Most of us start out with Microsoft Office, and maybe an accounting package. But there’s a whole world of software available, covering every single aspect of running a practice. For example, there are numerous practice management software packages that take care of a multitude of tasks. There is encryption software that makes sure your emails and digital files do not breach client confidentiality. There’s also software that will help you create and manage your own website. There are apps that you can use to enhance your treatment of clients.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of software of all types, together with web links, information about pricing and descriptions. You can find it in the members’ area of the Private Practice Hub. You can login here, or become a member here (it’s free!). Look for the orange tab called ‘Software for Therapists’.

For those new to certain types of software, we’ve put a brief glossary in a separate blog post here.

We hope you find the list useful. Is there anything we’ve missed? Let us know below.