Music plays a big role in supporting clients during treatments and the iChill music collection has been inspired by the growing wave of businesses requiring suitable background music to create the right atmosphere.
While playing music in public normally requires a costly music licence, iChill music is Licence Free! So exempt from PRS and PPL fees.
The iChill music team is really excited to be able to offer music in many formats: CD, Downloads, App and Web player.
Be it music for alternative therapies, beauty, spa, yoga or general background atmospheres, it’s all covered.  iChill music have now also introduced video background music for YouTube, social media, on hold and advertising at great prices because it is licence free.
The iChill music collection is licence free, and makes a saving for your therapy business, so if you run a salon, spa, therapy practice or yoga studio, you can play the music without having to pay a hefty licence fee to collection agencies.
The music is written and performed by the iChill Music Factory, a group of writers dedicated to atmospheric licence free music.
Author: iChill Music (New Music Productions Ltd)