There have been so many new additions to the Hub that our heads are spinning.

First the Private Coaching Hub, then the Online Therapy Hub, and now….we are delighted to announce that we have launched the Private Practice Hub TV Channel!

This will contain live and pre-recorded webinars and training material for practitioners. You will be able to take part in live, interactive CPD training, delivered by trainers from across the UK. Plus, you will be able to access pre-recorded material.

Please become a member of the Private Practice Hub (it’s free) to be notified about new training and a host of other resources.

By the way – we also have a comprehensive calendar of offline CPD training and events on the website.

Are you a trainer or Association?

This TV channel is for you! You will now be able to reach practitioners across the UK on this easy to use platform. If you are providing free training / webinars, it’s absolutely free for you to run them on our TV channel. If you charge for attendance, we ask just a small percentage of the fees – and you can even take payment from your attendees through the channel. Watch this video to find out more or get in touch at