Video is a really great marketing tool and if you aren’t already utilising it on your website, read on and see if we can persuade you to consider using video to promote your business.
1. Attention Spans are getting shorter – the BBC reported earlier this year that the average attention span is down to 12 seconds. That means you need to get your point across quickly and video can help you do that.
2. Online Activity Is Changing – nearly 80% of people on the internet watch one video every week, with just over half of them watching a video every day! This year, video accounts for 74% of all traffic. These stats alone should convince you to make some video.
3. You Can Reuse It – when you make a video for your website, it can also be edited to provide you with bite size content just right for social media.
4. Be Social – the stats for social media are impressive. 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day, 82% of Twitter users watch video and 10 billion video views are made each day on Snapchat. Be social with your video.
5. Sharing is Caring – get friends, family and clients to share your video on social media. This will really help improve your reach, get your video more views, drive traffic to your website and hopefully get you some new clients!
6. Video Has Multiple Uses – you can use video for communication, sales or online marketing so it really is multi-purpose.
7. Use It To Sell Your Business – once you have video up on your website, you’ll be surprised how many people you talk to tell you that they’ve watched your video. Did this prompt them to call you?
8. Use it To Sell Your Products – making a video to explain the different therapies you offer is a great way to demystify the whole therapy process. Remember, therapy can be a scary prospect for some so anything you can do to make this process easier will help.
9. Low Budget or High Budget? – you choose! There are plenty of tips on the internet on how to shoot a video and most smartphones or tablets take high quality video these days. There are free video editing tools online too, so if you want to take this project on yourself you can. Alternatively, hire someone to shoot and edit the video for you. Contact local universities to see if you can find someone who is studying photography and film as you could get a really good video at a really good price.
10. Show Your Personality – video is a great way of showing yourself off. People buy into people, and video can help you get across how great you and your business are.
If you’re not convinced after these 10 great reasons to use video on your website, go and do some research online – the statistics speak for themselves.
If you need help making a video, contact us now and we can give you some recommendations.