We recently received a very official letter at our own practice, from a company based in Germany. It contained information about our practice, including contact details, and therapies used.

The letter asked us to supply a VAT number on an enclosed form to meet EU regulations. It would have been very easy (while caught up in the every day distractions of running a business) to quickly fill in the form, state that our business was not VAT-registered, sign it and fax it off.

However, when the small print was scrutinised, filling in this form would mean that we had signed up to an advertising contract and would be invoiced for £797 per year for at least three years!

Trading Standards has confirmed that this letter is indeed designed to mislead the recipient and should be shredded if received.

Have you received the same letter – or perhaps something similar?

If so, sharing your experiences with the community will help us all to stay aware.