Private Practice Hub is a rapidly growing online community for therapists from all sectors sharing tips, tools, advice and techniques on how to run a successful private practice. It is run for therapists, by therapists. This is our core purpose and it always will be.

Along the way, we have been asked, “What’s the catch?” and you may wonder how we are able to offer this resource without charge. There is a simple answer to this question.

As our membership increases, carefully selected companies may wish to place appropriate advertisements and sponsored content on our website from which we will receive the revenue we need to offer this service. A similar relationship exists across many other industry sectors and interest groups. High profile examples include and Netmums who operate in a similar way; there are many other industry specific examples.

For our part, Private Practice Hub will ensure that any such content is relevant, creative and comes only from reputable companies. Our information and advice will remain impartial and we will never share your contact information with third parties without your permission.