The following article has been written by Caroline Rushforth, a Wingwave Trainer and NLP Master Coach. 

Wingwave® is an effective yet gentle coaching method which works by dissolving emotional stress for uplifting results in just a few (1-3) sessions. Passionately researched and created by two German Psychologists Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund, wingwave coaching is a scientifically proven technique, tested at both the University of Hamburg and University of Cologne. It is a big success internationally, particularly in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and Australia.

Personal success is achieved as a result of precise navigation into underlying stress triggers which most conventional therapy and coaching techniques cannot reach. The results have been shown to be very quick and tangible.

Areas of application:

As well as being used for personal development coaching, wingwave is successfully used in the areas of business coaching, competitive sport, health and wellness (popular with dentists) corporate and training environments.

Resource Coaching can be used for:

– Increased creativity

– Self-image Coaching

– Confidence Building

– Self Motivation and Overcoming Procrastination

– Changing Limiting Beliefs

– Reaching Goals and Aspirations

– Mental preparation for peak performance e.g sporting events and competitions

Wingwave is a protected copyright procedure and it combines:

– The    used for precise navigation into the exact point of stress triggers and blocks. The thumb and finger are gently squeezed together and the coach is able to investigate the effect that certain words and statements have on the body. The accuracy of the muscle test has been tested and proved effective by a series of research projects in Universities.

– Bilateral Hemisphere Stimulation – Gently enforced REM (Rapid Eye Movement) naturally stimulating auditory, kinaesthetic and visual through a series of back and forth movements.

– Neuro-Linguistic Coaching – Use of questioning techniques, statements and “buzz words” to enhance sensory experience and navigation.

Professional Certification

The Head Office in Germany is a training institute certified by the European Coaching Association (

The Institute and Head Office in Hamburg is the governing body for and certified by the German TÜV (Registry Nr. 41 554, DIN EN ISO 9001) for conceptual design and implementation of psychologically sound training courses, individual coaching sessions as well as seminars and further training courses specific to the customer. The certification is globally valid and the international website is Here you can find out more about wingwave and see all the Trainers and Coaches of across the world.

About Caroline Rushworth

Caroline Rushforth is a Wingwave Trainer and NLP Master Coach. Caroline trained at the University of California with world renowned NLP Trainers Robert Dilts and Judith de-lozier. Caroline has trained and coached over 300 young people during her time at the Princes Trust and has been a mentor for over 7 years. Having worked with a high volume of young people, she has a passion for helping her clients overcome anxiety, low-confidence and low self-esteem. Wingwave has been a phenomenal tool in identifying and releasing common anxiety patterns and is the only coaching technique that is consistently scientifically researched.

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Want to add Wingwave coaching to your existing professional skills?

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