To add to our Business Plan advice on the Private Practice Hub, we’ve just added a useful earnings projection calculator spreadsheet. You can download it from the members only section of our website. Login here, or become a member here (it’s free!).

Don’t yet have a business plan? It might be a good time to write one, and will give you a fresh perspective for your business in the New Year.

Writing a business plan doesn’t have to take weeks, and doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of finance. In fact, it can even be fun. And, you’ll soon realise how valuable it is in making the crucial decisions that could make or break your therapy business.

Plus, as a private practitioner, you need to think carefully about professional issues such as quality of care, client confidentiality and risk management – a business plan will help you do that.

Even if your business is already established, a business plan can give you new insight and momentum.

Like to find out more?


  • Have a look at our business plan guide on the Private Practice Hub
  • Download our earnings projection calculator in the members only section
  • Download a business plan template, courtesy of Business Link, also in the members only section

And remember, if you’ve already started your therapy business, it’s never too late to write a business plan. It can help you evaluate how your business is doing, make improvements and decide if you’re going in the right direction.

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Did you write a business plan for your private practice? How useful did you find it? Let us know here. We’d also welcome feedback on the Earnings Projection Calculator – we hope you find it beneficial.