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9 ways to manage your time as a private practitioner

24 November 2020

The support you provide your clients lies at the heart of the work you do as a private practitioner. A […]

3 ways to help

3 Ways to help clients make decisions about their healthcare

28 September 2020

For patients, choosing which treatment option is best for themselves can be quite difficult. Making it easier for them is […]

Top tips for setting up your private practice

13 July 2020

Starting out in private practice? Benefit from our experience with these top tips… Setting up your own private practice is […]

EHR: Good for your practice, even better for your patients

7 July 2020

Electronic health records (EHR) are part and parcel of basic practice management for any private clinic worth talking about. No […]

5 Ways Telehealth is Improving Outcomes for Private Practice Clients [+BONUS]

3 July 2020

There’s been a lot of talk about how Telehealth can improve the experience for health practitioners working in private practice, […]

Top Tips for Private Practice Success

19 March 2020

I have been running a successful counselling service for 9 years. During this time, it’s grown from being one therapist […]

Insurance basics by Westminster Insurance Ltd

3 December 2019

One of the mistakes people make is thinking that if they do not charge for the service they provide, or […]

What’s Your 20:20 Vision?

4 November 2019

Yes, I asked “What is your 20:20 vision“, not “Do you have 20:20 vision”! Because this blog post is not […]

Why is exercise so important?

7 May 2019

Exercise is good for us, research has proved this time after time. However, modern technology and convenience have led to […]

GDPR and Goodwill

12 November 2018

This guest blog comes from our accountant and resident tax expert, Michael Bennett of Michael B. Bennett Ltd. Recently I […]