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Are You OK? Don’t Miss Signs of Depression

13 September 2017

By Denise Winn: Denise is a journalist, editor and author specialising in psychology – who has also practised as a human givens […]

Writing Therapy

25 April 2017

All of us write — some more than others. We write our names on documents. We send texts messages to […]

Guest Post: E-Cigarettes are not the Solution

6 October 2016

Don’t believe the hype, e-cigarettes and vaping devices are not going to help you quit smoking says a new study. […]


21 December 2015

Traditionally, acupuncture aims to rebalance the energy that flows along the meridian points of the body with the insertion of […]


21 December 2015

Osteopathy is a complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) when used outside of the US. It is founded on the principle […]

Family Therapy

21 December 2015

Family or systemic therapy is centred on the improvement of relationships between family members and how each member interacts with […]


21 December 2015

Modern day life has left people feeling that they aren’t present in their own lives, between multitasking and coping with […]

Online directories for therapists

21 December 2015

More often than not, marketing is a necessary but frightening concept for those who do not specialise in it. For […]

Getting a website for your private practice

21 December 2015

Creating and maintaining a successful website can be a nightmare for the non tech-savvy. Here are our Top 10 Tips […]

Crystal Healing Therapy

29 May 2015

Every person is surrounded by subtle bodies which are the electro-magnetic energy fields that permeates their bodies and forms the […]