In the fast-paced world of healthcare, managing a clinic efficiently is paramount to provide quality patient care and maintain a thriving practice. Cliniko, a widely-used practice management software, has earned a solid reputation.

However, there are other Cliniko alternatives in the UK market that offer unique features and advantages.

In this article, we’ll delve into three of the best Cliniko alternatives: Pabau, WriteUPP, and Medesk. We’ll explore their key features, pricing, and what sets them apart from each other.

The Importance of Practice Management Software

Managing a healthcare clinic can be a daunting task. With patient records, appointments, billing, and staff schedules to handle, it’s crucial to have reliable practice management software.

Cliniko has long been a trusted choice, but it’s not the only player in town. Let’s explore some formidable Cliniko alternatives.

1. Pabau: The Best Cliniko Alternative UK? A Comprehensive Solution

What Is Pabau?

Pabau is a feature-rich practice management software designed for clinics of all sizes and is a great Cliniko alternative. It offers an array of tools to streamline daily operations and enhance the patient experience.

Key Features

  • Appointment Scheduling: Pabau simplifies appointment booking and management, reducing no-shows and maximizing your schedule.
  • Patient Records: It allows you to maintain detailed patient records, ensuring you have essential information at your fingertips.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Pabau’s billing features make it easy to generate invoices and handle payments efficiently.
  • Marketing Tools: The software comes with marketing features to help you attract and retain patients.


Pabau offers various pricing plans to accommodate the needs of different clinics, from small practices to larger healthcare establishments. The cost varies based on the number of users and additional features.

2. WriteUPP: Designed for Allied Health Professionals

Understanding WriteUPP

WriteUPP is tailored for allied health professionals, offering specialized tools to meet the unique requirements of this sector.

Notable Features

  • Client Management: WriteUPP excels in client management, helping allied health professionals stay organized and focused on patient care.
  • Report Generation: It simplifies the process of creating reports and treatment plans.
  • Compliance Tools: WriteUPP is designed to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations and standards.


WriteUPP offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees. The cost is determined by the number of users and the level of support required.

3. Medesk: A Holistic Approach

An Overview of Medesk

Medesk is known for its holistic approach to practice management, integrating various aspects seamlessly.

Key Highlights

  • EHR Integration: Medesk offers Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration, making it easier to access and manage patient records.
  • Telemedicine: It includes telemedicine features, allowing you to offer virtual consultations.
  • Multi-Location Support: Ideal for clinics with multiple branches, Medesk offers tools to manage them efficiently.


Medesk’s pricing is flexible, and it’s based on the features you require and the size of your clinic. This adaptability makes it suitable for both small and large practices.


Choosing the right practice management software is essential for the smooth running of your clinic. While Cliniko remains a strong contender, Pabau, WriteUPP, and Medesk offer unique advantages and features that cater to specific needs.

Depending on your clinic’s size, focus, and budget, one of these alternatives may be the perfect fit.

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  1. Is Cliniko still a good choice for practice management in the UK?

Yes, Cliniko is a reliable option, but exploring alternatives like Pabau, WriteUPP, and Medesk can help you find a better fit for your clinic’s needs.

  1. Can these alternatives handle large clinics with multiple locations?

Indeed, Pabau, WriteUPP, and Medesk all offer solutions suitable for larger clinics and multi-location practices.

  1. Do these alternatives offer mobile access for practitioners on the go?

Yes, all three alternatives provide mobile access, ensuring you can manage your clinic from anywhere.

  1. What’s the learning curve for transitioning to these alternatives from Cliniko?

The learning curve can vary, but these alternatives generally provide excellent customer support and resources to facilitate a smooth transition.

  1. How do I get started with one of these alternatives in the UK?

To get started with Pabau, WriteUPP, or Medesk, visit their respective websites or use the link provided at the end of this article.