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Welcome to Hair Tissue Mineral analysis. With the simplicity of strands of hair you can understand more about your health than you ever thought possible and turn it into multiple solutions for a long and healthy life. Why get a Hair Analysis?

  • – A simple, painless way to check the body’s mineral levels and toxins
  • – Suitable for everyone
  • – Highlights hidden deficiencies in minerals before they cause serious problems.
  • – Assesses whether your body is a fast or slow metaboliser – how your body processes food and converts it to energy
  • – Comprehensive report, easy for you to read and understand. Plus recommended food choices and  supplements to bring back a good mineral balance for health
  • – Not only does the test show toxins like lead, mercury, arsenic and aluminium, it also shows WHY you have conditions relating to mineral intolerances and deficiencies.

Trace minerals are essential!

  • Zinc is necessary for insulin production and regulation.
  • Magnesium  is required for muscle function, including the heart.
  • Potassium plays a crucial role in transporting nutrients into cells.

Every trace mineral in the body has a purpose! Very often it’s a combination of different minerals working synergistically. The right levels of all are essential to optimise health.

  • – Too much Calcium for example, can reduce the beneficial side effects of vitamin A,
  • – Excessive Copper can upset zinc levels.

This is especially important when you struggle to find the reason you are ill. A Hair Mineral Analysis will uncover the indicators that leads to awareness, treatment and recovery.  There is plenty of scientific research that links vitamin and mineral deficiencies to disease. The quickest, most reliable way to find out about your risks for serious health problems is to have a hair analysis. You are provided with a detailed, comprehensive report with recommendations for diet that help the process of recovering balance. Click here and take the test – find out about the true state of your health!

“I have been working with Cynthia for over two years. She helps me optimise my diet and fuelling (based on my hair analysis) in order to strengthen and sustain my full on life style. Cynthia really does understand human body chemistry and how, with correct care, to prevent and overcome illness and in my case maximise my health, fitness and strength. We are all ‘connected’ so her work impacts mind, body and spirit. I really look forward to my sessions with Cynthia, they are a tour de force of maximising my potential and I leave supercharged for the next three months. (Naturopathy and Hair Mineral Analysis)”

Dave Stitt, athlete and performance coach

Effective! Easy! Simple! Even the healthy can benefit from Hair Analysis. If you can visualise how your body is functioning at a cellular level, then find out if you’re at optimum health, that’s really worthwhile. In fact, it’s amazing! You are in control of your health. You have all the information you need to tweak your diet, supplement the deficiencies and remove the culprits (it’s surprising how mineral imbalances trigger health problems). Todays’ world is toxic. Everyone is becoming more aware of the need to clean up our environment. We are subjected to pollution from contaminating plastics, E Additives in foods, GMOs, chemicals in our water supplies from careless disposal of drugs. Everything we come into contact with has an effect on us. Even the healthiest can be affected. Why wait for a diagnosis of sickness before taking action? The effective way forward is to take action to prevent, the way with Hair Mineral Analysis is easy, the solutions presented with the results are simple to follow. Click here to order your Mineral Test Kit!

“”The report and all its findings is TOTALLY AMAZING. This has got to be one of the most radical, insightful methods of healing  around. I’ve taken on the dietary changes you have advised and already feeling so much better…cant wait to see how I’m going to feel after taking all the supplements…really excited and full of hope. Thank you so much for all your wonderful knowledge and expertise on health, I feel very grateful and fortunate to have met you. (Naturopathy and Hair Mineral Analysis)”

— Kate,  Harrogate

Symptoms of Mineral Deficiency

  • Regular digestive issues like constipation
  • Suffering from headaches and migraine
  • Slow metabolism causing weight gain
  • Appetite loss and stomach pain
  • Gastric reflux
  • Bloating
  • Over or underachieve thyroid
  • Tired all the time
  • Muscle cramps
  • Unable to lose weight
  • Hair loss

And many, many more…. Once deficiencies are identified and supplements to correct the problems have been put into place, as well as dietary changes, you being to notice the difference. So what do I do next?

  • The usual turnaround time for the results to come back is two weeks, sometimes less.
  • You receive a kit to take the hair sample. You can take the snips yourself or you cause a hair dresser. The instructions are clear, a simple scale is provided to measure quantity.
  • You receive a pre paid envelope to return the hair sample.
  • Hair sample will undergo clinically proven laboratory testing. Trace Elements has been recognised internationally since 1984 as a leading provider of hair analysis laboratory services plus nutritional metabolic products for doctors and health professionals of all specialties worldwide
  • A personal consultation is advisable – guidance and sound advice from many years experience is invaluable
  • Consultations by Skype or personal attendance at my clinic are offered.

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Training, qualifications and experience:

Naturopathy, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Reiki Master, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Phytobiophysic Formulas (TM) .

Professional memberships:

– Naturopathic Nutrition Association Registered Associate – NNA – Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner – KFRP – Institute of Phytobiophysics ® Registered Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming – International NLP Association Registered Practitioner – NLP – Reiki Master – Jin Kei Do tradition.


Hair Mineral Analysis £69.00 Consultation fee £89.00

Terms and Conditions: Registration is a pre-requisite for a consultation which is recommended together with the hair Mineral analysis. The Registration form is available to download from my web site. All consultation and test fees are paid in advance. Contact Information Contact Name: Cynthia Sillars Phone Number: 07599520406 Email Address: Send an email