Are you tired of trying to fit therapy sessions into your busy schedule? Are you hesitant to speak about sensitive topics over the phone or in person? If so, ‘text a therapist’ may be the perfect solution for you. And with BetterHelp, it’s easy to get started with counselling by text.

Text therapy, also known as e-therapy or teletherapy, is a type of therapy that involves exchanging messages with a therapist or counselor via text or other online messaging platforms.

It’s a convenient and flexible way to get the support you need, and it can be especially helpful if you have limited availability or are dealing with anxiety or other issues that make it difficult to speak on the phone or in person.


How to text a therapist using BetterHelp

So how do you text a therapist on First, sign up for an account on the platform.

This process is quick and easy, and you can choose from a range of subscription options to suit your needs and budget. By answering their questionnaire you’ll be matched with a therapist that best fits your needs. has a wide range of therapists and counselors available, so you can be confident you’ll find someone who’s trained in the approach that’s right for you.

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health concern, you can find a therapist who’s qualified to help.

Your can text your therapist anytime, once you’ve been matched. offers a range of options for therapy sessions, including text, phone, and video sessions, so you can choose the format that’s most convenient for you.


Tips for successful counselling by text with BetterHelp

When it comes to counselling by text, it’s important to set aside dedicated time for your sessions and respond to your therapist in a timely manner.

This will help ensure that you get the most out of your therapy and that you’re able to make progress toward your goals.

It’s also important to be open and honest with your therapist, as this will help them better understand your needs and concerns.


Advantages of text therapy with

One of the key advantages of using for text therapy is the convenience and flexibility it offers.

With no waiting lists and the ability to schedule sessions at a time that works for you, you can get the support you need when you need it most.

Plus, with a range of payment options available, you can tailor the therapy process to meet your specific needs and budget.


How soon will I get a text back from a therapist on BetterHelp?

The response time for text therapy sessions on can vary depending on a number of factors, including the availability of therapists and the volume of messages being exchanged.

However, aims to provide timely responses to all its clients and encourages therapists to respond to messages regularly.

It’s important to keep in mind that text therapy is not the same as in-person therapy and that it’s not appropriate for all situations.

In the case of an emergency or crisis, it’s important to seek immediate help from a qualified professional or crisis hotline.

If you’re concerned about the response time for your text therapy sessions on, you can always reach out to their customer support team for assistance. They’ll be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about the platform or the therapy process.

Summing it up: the best way to text a therapist is…

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But wait, there’s more! In addition to the convenience and flexibility of text therapy, you’ll also have access to a wide range of qualified therapists and counselors. No more waiting lists or long travel times.

Plus, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best possible care, as only works with licensed and experienced therapists.

So don’t hesitate any longer. Take control of your mental health and start text therapy with today. You deserve to feel your best, and with the right support, you can get there.